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JSgoups’s business model basic.      

Business group idea

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  1. Big scales: Infrastructure such as telecommunication.
  2. Global business: That means worldwide market targets.
  3. All time market: 24/365 thru internet advertising.
  4. Small investment: Start up like a US$250.
  5. High income: Up to US$25,000 /wk
  6. High ROI: Hundred times.
  7. Fast playback period: A month.
  8. Multilevel income: As multilevel franchise on net.
  9. Recurring: Usually on monthly basic 
  10. Residual: As long as customer use it.
  11. Instant product: Ready to use.
  12. Turnkey business: Upon filling out.
  13. Real time system: Record upon activity.
  14. Real business
  15. Price is cheaper than existing product.
  16. Transferable
  17. Anyone  Anywhere Anytime  Anyhow Any fund
  18. No physical  No inventory  No delivery  No boss  No employ


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  Market and materials
  1. Personal direct approach
  2. Reference
  3. Conference
    1. On land
    2. Online
  4. Internet shop
  5. Website
  6. Email marketing
  7. Market place
  8. Social network
  9. Article
  10. Email signature
  11. Contextual ads
  12. SMS direct to prospects
  13. Fax broadcast from computer
  14. A-4 display
  15. Sticker
  16. Album
  17. Name card
  18. CDs Auto plays presentation
Advertising model basic Business types   Target segments      
  1. Cost minimum
  2. Piece by piece on demand
  3. Individual produce
  4. Broadcast
  5. Exact targets
  6. No interest no cost
  7. Sharing space
  8. Manage timing


  1. Build up
  2. Label
  3. Reseller
  4. Referral
  5. Affiliate
  6. Replicate website
  7. Website iframe
  8. Franchisor on net
  • Who want to have own business?
  • Who want to build the business for family?
  • Who want to have an early retirement?
  • Who want to do part time business?
  • Who want to have a good business with small investment?
  • Who want to get high income by working less?
  • Who are often to borrow your money?
  • Who are working in network marketing or like in selling?
  • Who do the export import businesses?
  • Who do the business regarding to study aboard?

  • Who are doing E-commerce business?
  •  Who are doing hotel or apartment?
  •  Who are doing business in the travel area?
  •  Who are doing mobile business?
  • Who is Webmaster?
  •  Who are studying on IT Computer?
  •  Who have kid or family living aboard?
  • Who are often traveling aboard?
  •  Who own the business Website?
  •  Who have small money to invest?

Believe in trend  
  1. Technology is better and better while price is cheaper.
  2. Efficacy quality and quantity increase many times result from this.
  3. Business cost is decreasing, there is more fund to build more.
  4. Time spending is less; there are more times to work with.
  5. Time unit to success on business will be smaller, year to month, while technology is developing. This is similar to area measurement unit, wah aquare to metre square, while the population is increasing.
  6. Travelling will be less.
  7. Hiring auto system to work is more accurate and productive.
  8. Teamwork instead of employee by provide them business instead of payroll.
  9. Multilevel marketing on internet will grow up to distribution network.
  10. The existing businesses can be applied to online business.

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