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Apr 17

JSgoups’s business model basic.

  1. Big scales: Infrastructure such as telecommunication.
  2. Global business : That mean worldwide market targets.
  3. All time market: 24/365 thru internet advertising.
  4. Small investment: Start up like a US$250.
  5. High income: Up to US$25,000 /wk
  6. High ROI: Hundred times.
  7. Fast playback period: A month.
  8. Multilevel income: As multilevel franchise on net.
  9. Recurring: Usually on monthly basic 
  10. Residual: As long as customer use it.
  11. Instant product: Ready to use.
  12. Turnkey business: Upon filling out.
  13. Real time system: Record upon activity.
  14. Anyone  Anywhere Anytime  Anyhow Anyfund
  15. No physicl  No inventory  No delivery  No boss  No employ